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Sharking for chips and drinks

Sails on the Bay – fine dining with a view in Elwood


There are some great things happening in the south that many people north of the river, or even a few suburbs away, might not realise. We have Hawk & Hunter, an amazing cafe doing left-of-centre brunches that is slammed every weekend and pretty much every weekday morning with the yummy mummy set, and right next door the Ripponlea Food & Wine, which is worth checking out too. Head further down along the coast to Black Rock and you have True South putting out some amazing Argentinian food that goes perfectly with the lagers and ales from their onsite brewery.

Saying all this – there are very few places situated right on the beach.

Which brings us to Sails on the Bay in Elwood, which we have cycled past numerous times on our way to Brighton meaning we usually flew past it in a blur. This time we decided to make it our destination.

Sails on the Bay are serving some amazing food in a beautiful bay setting, and there’s a reason why the dining room (and adjoining, more casual café) with its highly competent team have been able to stay open longer than the vast majority of Melbourne restaurants. Whether it’s date night, a birthday, a wedding party or just a leisurely Sunday lunch with the parents – this is the place to treat your taste buds while taking in the view.

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Pictured from L to R:  

Spiced and seared yellow fin tuna with cubes of smoked potatoes, cherry tomatoes, egg yolk confit, and bean and olive salsa

King Dory fillet, artichokes, shallot confit, marinated shiitake mushrooms with watercress sauce.King Dory fillet, artichokes, shallot confit, marinated shiitake mushrooms with watercress sauce

Sails on the bay lamington, and coconut and raspberry delice served with lime ice cream


Written by Sharky 

If your idea of a special and romantic dining experience is by the waterfront, Sails on the bay restaurant is your best choice in Melbourne.

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